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Mold Inspections
Are Mold Toxins Making You Fatigued and Sick?


Molds, Mycotoxins, & More

Many health effects are caused by exposure to the interior environment of Water Damaged Buildings (WDB). The complex mixture of contaminants present in the air and in the dust in WDB form a toxic chemical stew.

There are so many possible sources of these toxic compounds found in WDB that can lead to the variety of symptoms caused by mold illness, no single compound can be identified as the sole cause of the inflammatory responses, or the illness, seen in affected patients. Since no one thing can be deemed as solely responsible for the sickness, the sole cause becomes the WDB itself.

Symptoms of Mold Exposure

♦Fatigue  ♦Weakness  ♦Aches  ♦Muscle Cramps  ♦Unusual Pain  ♦Ice Pick Pain  ♦Headache  ♦Light Sensitivity  ♦Red Eyes  ♦Blurred Vision  ♦Tearing  ♦Sinus Problems  ♦Cough  ♦Shortness of Breath  ♦Abdominal Pain  ♦Diarrhea  ♦Joint Pain  ♦Morning Stiffness  ♦Memory Issues  ♦Focus/Concentration Issues  ♦Word Recollection Issues  ♦Decreased Learning of New Knowledge  ♦Confusion  ♦Disorientation  ♦Skin Sensitivity  ♦Mood Swings  ♦Appetite Swings  ♦Sweats (especially night sweats)  ♦Temperature Regulation or Dysregulation Problems  ♦Excessive Thirst  ♦Increased Urination  ♦Static Shocks  ♦Numbness  ♦Tingling  ♦Vertigo  ♦Metallic Taste  ♦Tremors


Mold Testing

  • Mold inspections and mold remediation services
  • Designing corrective actions for mold remediation
  • Monitoring mold remediation activities
  • Evaluation of mold remediation
  • Molds and moisture resolution consulting

Molds can be detected almost anywhere; they can grow on any organic material, providing moisture is present. Excess moisture in your home or business is cause for concern. A certified mold professional has the knowledge to properly identify mold problems and design a remediation plan for your home or office, they also have the knowledge to eliminate sources of moisture that may have led to these problems.

There is a wealth of information available on the web with respect to this topic however Surviving Mold is the best one I can think of.


Mold Toxicity – A Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

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