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Electromagnetic Fields/Electromagnetic Radiation


EMR or EMF is a general name of all types of Electromagnetic radiation.
In today’s world, everyone is exposed to two types of EMR or EMFs:
1. Extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF) from electrical and electronic appliances and power lines
2. Radiofrequency radiation (RF) from wireless devices such as cell phones and cordless phones, cellular antennas and towers, and broadcast transmission towers. (Sage, 2007)

Dirty/Stray Electricity  refers to Mid-high frequency (100Hz-100000KHz) transients, harmonics, and other noise on electrical wiring. It can be generated inside buildings by electronic equipment and it can enter the home through wiring from nearby sources including wireless telecommunication antennas connected to the power grid. When the capacity of the primary neutral on distribution lines is exceeded, current runs along the ground and enters homes via grounded water pipes. (Havas & Stetzer, 2004).

MW or RF – “Microwave radiation” or “Radio Frequencies”

A general name for High frequency electromagnetic radiation between 0.1 to 300 GHz. This radiation is emitted from all electronic wireless communication devices that are based on radio signals for example: Radar, TV and radio broadcast, WIFI, wireless phones, mobile phones, Bluetooth, satellite communication, wireless communication systems, wireless point to point systems and more.

Radio frequency  –

Microwave radiation –

Frequencies of MW or RF

  • 100KHz-300GHz

Units of MW or RF

  • uW/cm2
  • mW/m2
  • 10mV/m2=1uW/cm2
  • V/m – eectric field units.

Spesific types and sources of MW or RF

  • Radar
  • TV and radio broadcast
  • WIFI
  • Wireless phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite communication
  • Wireless communication systems
  • Wireless point to point systems

Characteristics of MW or RF

  • Very directional
  • Relatively easy to stop and block (compared to ELF easier and cheaper to block).

Other names of MW or RF

  • Radio frequencies (RF)
  • Microwave radiation (WM) 
  • High frequency EMR
  • Wireless radiation
  • High frequency field
  • Cellular radiation

Cellular radiation 

Cellular radiation is a RF radiation that is emitted from cellular devices (phones) and base stations (masts).

ELF – Extreme Low Frequencies

Electromagnetic radiation in extremely low frequency, around the 50 Hz which is emitted from electronic and electric devices, power lines, motors, electric and electronic transdormers, electric appliances and more. Its  intensity usualy decreases significantly after few meters, but it is very expensive and difficult to block it.

Frequencies of ELF 

  • 0Hz-300Hz
  • Mostly 50 or 60Hz

Units of ELF

  • mG – miliGauss
  • uT – micro Tesla

Spesific types and sources of ELF

  • Every electric cable
  • Electric appliances
  • Electric power plants and infrastructure

Characteristics of ELF

  • Not directional
  • Very hard to stop and block (compared to RF)
Other names of ELF
  • Electric radiation
  • Magnetic radiation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electric Field
  • Magnetic Field
Dirty Electricity 
High frequency noise that is created by electronic and none linear electric components. The noise is then being “moved” over the electric wires all around the house. Dirty Electricity is emitted from the electric wires and “covers” all the house. People that are exposed to high levels of Dirty Electricity react in different ways some experience EHS related symptoms, or neurological symptoms. 


Frequency is the number of times that a certain cycle phenomena occurs in a single second. If for example I am clapping my hands, and I manage to do it 10 times in a single second, then the frequency of my action would be 10 Hz. If I manage to do it 10000 times, then the frequency would be 10000Hz or 10KHz for short.
The number of cycles in a second of an electric signal is the signal’s frequency.
1,000 = K = Kilo
1,000,000 = M = Mega
1,000,000,000 = G = Giga
Electric Field
One part of electromagnetic radiation. An electric field is created when there is a difference in electric potential between 2 points. 
Magnetic Field
The second part of electromagnetic radiation. An Magnetic field is created around an electric wire when an electric current is running via it.